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300 Large Pegs and 4 Small Peg Boards Set

Classic peg and pegboard activities include creative pattern and picture making, sequencing, countin..


Product Code: 99007

400 Medium Pegs & 4 Large Peg Boards Set

Make great patterns and pictures with these flexible plastic peg boards.Board Measures 20 H x 28cm W..


Product Code: 99008

Abacus Beads in Case 100pce

Abacus Beads in Case 100pce

Each bead measures approx. 2.5cm...


Product Code: 36225

Aptitude Abacus Colour Balls 15pce

This abacus incorporates colors and large geometric shaped solid blocks.   This toy supports both ph..


Product Code: 35282

Aptitude Activity Shapes 70pce

 This set includes: 40 x Five different solid plastic shapes Braided laces A collection of card..


Product Code: 35283

Aptitude Nuts and Bolts 30pce

This set includes: Large nuts and bolts with three basic geometric shapes: circle, square and tri..


Product Code: 35280

Aptitude Nuts and Bolts Activity Set 88pce

These nuts and bolts only screw together when the shapes are matched. The set includes: 36 bolts a..


Product Code: 35281

Balance Man

Balance Man

Balancing play with this weight lifter provides an early introduction to math concepts. 42cm W x 13c..


Product Code: 35508

Balancing Chef

Balancing Chef

Balancing play with this Chef provides an early introduction to math concepts. 24cm W x 28cm H. Ages..


Product Code: 35507

Beads and Patterns

This kit includes: 176 wooden beads comprised of 4 colours, 2 shapes and 4 sizes 90cmL x 22cmW v..


Product Code: 35985


Bulk Wooden Tap Tap Set in Tub

The tap tap experience has been enjoyed by children for many years teaching the important skills of ..

$133.00 $166.25

Product Code: 98501

Gear Board

This colourful gear toy encourages kids to build their own gear systems from their imaginations whil..


Product Code: 35114

Geo Pegs & Peg Board Activity Set

Geo Pegs & Peg Board Activity Set

Ideal for developing fine motor skills, counting, sorting and patterning. Pegs are designed with a h..


Product Code: 35268

Jumbo Tweezers Set of 12

Jumbo Tweezers Set of 12

Designed especially for children, these bright durable tweezers pick up counters, beads or other man..


Product Code: 35102

Lacing Cheese

Lacing Cheese

Oh no !  There’s a mouse in the cheese!  An excellent way to improve fine motor skills.  ..


Product Code: 36136

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